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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Pieper anniversary - Der Luth. notice of CPH book What Is Christianity?

      Today marks the anniversary date of Franz Pieper's death – June 3, 1931.  As I was recently reviewing and updating my master Table of Contents to the Der Lutheraner periodical, I ran across the following full page announcement by Concordia Publishing House in 1933.

Original German text file here. Translation by BackToLuther.
In memory of Dr. F. Pieper.
(June 3, 1931 – June 3, 1933)
On the second anniversary of the death of Prof. Dr. F. Pieper we want to put on the market a book to remember again our beloved teacher and leader.  It contains six trustworthy papers that Dr. Pieper delivered before delegate and district synods during the last years of his blessed effectiveness.  To secure a wide distribution of these doctrinal lectures and to make possible for many their study, we have decided to issue it in the English language, not in a stiff literal translation, but rendered in easily legible, fluent English.  Dr. J. Th. Mueller, a colleague and admirer of his former teacher for eleven years, was appointed for this difficult work.  Dr. Mueller has always had a lot to do with studying the teaching method of Dr. Pieper in the presentation of Bible doctrines, and during the last couple of years he was particularly busy studying the writings of Dr. Pieper in the field of dogmatics and transferring them into English.

The book which will appear on June 3, 1933, the anniversary of the passing of Dr. Pieper, is titled What Is Christianity? and Other Essays and includes the following papers:
1. What is Christianity?  (1902)  (Das Wesen des Christentums.)
2. The Christian World View. (1923.)   (Die rechte Weltanschauung.)
3. The Reconciliation of Man with God. (1916)  (Die Versöhnung des Menschen mit Gott.)
4. The Layman's Movement in the Light of God's Word. (1913.)   (Die von Gott geordnete Leienbewegung.)
5. The Holy Bible.  (1921)  (Die Heilige Schrift.)
6. The Open Heaven. (1929)  (Der offene Himmel.)
It is hardly necessary to note that this collection of papers has high intrinsic value, and given the fact that these talks come from one of the outstanding teachers of the Lutheran Church of all times, one should expect that all  members of our Synod will be interested in it.  This book is admirably suited to be used by the public as well to be incorporated by college and seminary libraries.  To help in this connection, and indeed also to have the effect that many personally buy the book, so we would like to ask the readers of this magazine.  
Concordia Publishing House, 1933The book will contain VIII and 290 pages and be tastefully bound in canvas hardcover with gold imprint title.
Price : $ 1.75 postage paid
To those whose order on this book reaches us soon we will gladly include a free copy of the short biography of Dr. Pieper which Dr. Theodore Gräbner published not long after his death. But we must note that our supply of this booklet is limited.


      When I ran across this announcement in Der Lutheraner, I pulled out my copy of this book and reviewed the features they included in this special book from "one of the outstanding teachers of the Lutheran Church of all times" -- choice words from the book publisher!  (I have blogged previously about this book.)

      Concordia Publishing House quit selling the hardcover original version long ago.  Sometimes the original 1933 hardcover is available used on Amazon.  Thank God! that at least CPH has continued to sell in a "Print-On-Demand" format what they formerly highly recommended to all their readers.  Again, what was it CPH called Franz Pieper in 1933?

“…one of the outstanding teachers of the Lutheran Church of all times”

† Franz Pieper †
June 3, 1931 (86 years ago today)

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