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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rast–Pt 3d: Final Word of Pieper: Sola Scriptura!

This post continues from Part 3c in a series (Table of Contents in Part 1) that reviews several essays of Prof. Lawrence A. Rast Jr., president of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana (CTS-FW).  This Part 3d continues a review of an essay that Rast made on Franz Pieper, "A Connecting Link..." – the sub-section titled "Sola Scriptura" .  The 27-page essay, one of several essays, can be downloaded here (1 MB PDF file).
(cont'd from Part 3c)
***  A review by BackToLuther of  ***
Franz August Otto Pieper (1852-1931): 
“A Connecting Link ... 
by Lawrence R. Rast Jr.
37th Annual Reformation Lectures, (download here==>> LSQ 45:1, pgs 5-31)

Sola Scriptura (pgs 13-16)

Dr. Rast reported (on page 16, footnote 19) the following story of a student of Franz Pieper in 1931 that was published in the Lutheran Witness after Pieper's death:
“Doctor, will you kindly give us your interpretation of that verse again?” [asked a student]. Dr. Pieper looked disturbed, slightly bewildered, then, peering sympathetically and intently into the eyes of the questioner, slowly and emphatically said: “My interpretation? Never! We do not interpret Scripture. Just listen to that passage again.” The doctor then read slowly (sounded like an angel) and with great emphasis the passage in question and added: “That is what God says. It needs no interpretation. Believe it.”
This is one of the most stirring testimonies ever given for Prof. Pieper and one in which he would be pleased to be remembered for. I suppose I should thank Dr. Rast for republishing this story... I am quite thankful that this student related this account for the Lutheran Witness. And may this publication on my blog live on the Internet!
Dr. Rast, when you republished this story, could it be that you wished you could believe the Bible like that, like Pieper does? Ah, Dr. Rast, but all Christians believe like that. And all true teachers of the Christian faith, yes, teachers of Church History or Historical Theology, help other Christians to believe their Bible... just like Franz Pieper. Can you not hear that sound of the angel speaking – "Believe it"...
The next Part 3e covers Rast's section "Sola Gratia".

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