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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Luther's Doctrine of Inspiration – Pieper (in English) Part 2

[2017-11-29: added direct link to Google Doc below text window.]
This concludes from the previous introductory Part 1 and now presents the actual text of Pieper's essay.

Do you read your Bible?  If so, you should now read this masterful essay by Franz Pieper about Martin Luther and the Doctrine of Inspiration.  Here you will know the true Luther.
  • Have you heard someone say that Luther did not believe the entire Bible was Inspired by God?  Then read this essay by Pieper.
  • Have you heard someone say that Luther did not hold certain books of the Bible to be canonical, e.g. of the book of James?  Then read page 265.
  • Have you heard someone say that Luther admitted contradictions in the Bible?  Read pages 263 - 264.
Although the text version below is also available in Google Books, yet my text version has added several hyperlinks that aid in Bible verse lookups, background information on several theologians, and language translations.  Also Scripture references were updated from Roman numerals.  Further work may be done and will be noted by modifications of the date below.
Last text update: August 13, 2013

Highlighting is mine.  Hyperlinks should be opened in new tab/window. Original page headers retained.

 >> Link direct to Google Doc above here. <<

This essay has refreshed my Christian faith.  If you, dear reader, consider yourself to be a Christian, whether you call yourself a Lutheran or not, you would do well to read this essay and recognize the wisdom of 
Prof. Benjamin B. Warfield (a Princeton Presbyterian) who asked
Prof. Franz Pieper (The Twentieth Century Luther) to expound on
Martin Luther and his
Doctrine of the Inspiration of 
The Holy Scriptures

... the Scriptures of which Christ said
Search the scriptures... which testify of me.  John 5:39

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