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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pieper vs. Sasse (which knew Luther on Scripture?)

Before proceeding further in my review of Dr. Lawrence Rast, my recent readings of Rast, Hermann Sasse and Franz Pieper has discovered some sharp distinctions of theology.  And so I want to followup my last post of Pieper's essay "Luther's Doctrine of Inspiration" with an additional point.

I want to provide two quotes to compare and contrast between Franz Pieper and Hermann Sasse:

Franz Pieper said this in his Christian Dogmatics, vol. 1, pg 277 (PNG):
"The alleged difference between Luther and the Lutheran dogmaticians is pure fabrication. The real difference between Luther and the dogmaticians is this, that the dogmaticians but weakly stammer and echo what Luther taught much more powerfully about Scripture from Scripture itself."

     Hermann Sasse said this in 1952:
"We tried to overcome the old scheme of the Orthodox fathers and to build the doctrine on Scripture on Luther's understanding of the Word of God." 

Now someone might try to argue that Sasse tried to build on how Luther taught "more powerfully about Scripture from Scripture itself."  But they would be mistaken, for Sasse admitted that he was a follower of Wm. Loehe, the Iowa Synod, and the ALC, which were actually followers of the liberal position that Franz Pieper was vigorously defending against. – And so Pieper says Sasse's "doctrine on Scripture" is "pure fabrication".  It was Franz Pieper, not Hermann Sasse, who properly defended not only Martin Luther, but also the true Doctrine of Inspiration.

... I can just hear and see the teachers of theology in today's LC-MS clear their throat, stammer, fidget, laugh nervously, look away and shift their weight –  as they praise Hermann Sasse and at the same time attempt to praise Luther, Walther, and Pieper to their students...

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