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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ken Ham and his Answers In Genesis teaching on Creation

Mr. Ham enjoys some notoriety in the world today because of his teaching of a literal six-day Creation.  I recall having my faith strengthened by this and other so-called creation ministries.  I just received a mailing from him lamenting the sad state of the external church bodies today that have given up the literal teaching of Creation.  But Ken Ham also teaches a doctrine of salvation that is close to the Lutheran teaching... his reformed leanings have not led him too strongly to espouse a "decision for Christ" synergism.
Ken Ham is a vocal advocate for the authority of God's Word which pleases me.  He even praises Martin Luther on occasion... something that a few Reformed teachers do. Again, this pushes him into the Lutheran camp... except he falls on occasion. When there was some talk of evidence of life outside our Earth, he made a statement to the effect that "we must not be dogmatic" about the teaching of only life on Earth, which is Biblical teaching.
But the real difficulty for Mr. Ham is the issue of church denominations.  He attempts to stay above the differences among external church bodies.  But there is a church called the Lutheran Church which is the denomination that stands alone on the Word of God. And I am not speaking about today's external church bodies that claim the Lutheran name... but rather those who teach the true Lutheran (that is the true Christian) doctrine.  And those are few and far between.

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