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Monday, August 24, 2015

Pieper's Christliche Dogmatik-Index with text; Part 1

      I have been spending many days (actually weeks) working to provide not only scanned copies of old Missouri essays and published writings, but now also the actual text files extracted by OCR.  As a result, I have added dozens of links to text document files (in German) to my Convention Essays reference blog post.
      Another goal of mine is to provide the complete text to all 3 of Pieper's original German Christliche Dogmatik volumes.  Recently I finished extracting the text of the easiest volume – "Volume 4", the Index (or "Register") by Ernst Eckhardt.  That is now available in a link in my original posting offering links to scanned copies of all volumes.  It is also available via this link.  It is amazing to me that when one opens this Google Doc file in the Chrome Browser, it offers an immediate English translation that takes about 20 seconds for the whole book (I timed it.) —  I am also providing a text box in this post of this same document for reference.  (Highlighted text is mine):

Who was Ernst Eckhardt?  And what good is his Index in the German language for the English-speaking world when one can obtain the more extended Index in the English Volume 4?  I will cover these topics in this continuing series – Part 2 is next...

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