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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Missouri Theses II- English Conf w/ Walther (1884) -- for a "well grounded Lutheran congregation"

      Again while researching and expanding the download links for the Convention Essay blog post, I discovered that the Theses published and discussed in 1876 and 1877 (see last post) in the German Missouri Synod were also partially discussed in the emerging "English Lutheran Conference" – a forerunner of today's LC-MS.  But not all 28 Theses were discussed... not even the beginning Theses.  So what two Theses did the convention discuss with C.F.W. Walther providing the presention?  They were Theses IV and V (Fourth and Fifth).   These were the Theses on Luther's writings and the Doctrine of Justification... these were prioritized to be the only ones out of the 28 Theses to be discussed.  Ah!... now we have an early English translation of Walther's work.  And I want to present this in a separate blog post because here Walther speaks my language... English.
      See the preceding blog post regarding the Theses for a "well founded Lutheran congregation" for reference.   A scanned copy of this 1884 English Conference's Proceedings may be downloaded and viewed on my original Convention Essays listing post.
  • Thesis IV: In honor of the upcoming Reformation Anniversary, the discussion on "Thesis Fourth" will be most uplifting in its presentation of Martin Luther.
  • Thesis V: Beginning on page 10, "Thesis Fifth" startles Lutherans with the following statement regarding the Doctrine of Justification:
"It is generally supposed that all denominations teach alike concerning Justification by Faith. But no other than the Lutheran church teaches correctly concerning Justification in all its bearings."

May this reprint be to the glory of God and the edification of all readers... including me!  Amen.

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