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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Prof. Klug's warning -> LC-MS & Sasse: "How come?", against Kloha, Okamoto, etc. Part 2

(continued from previous Part 1)
Prof. Eugene Klug
(† 2003)
Yet there have been warnings from within the LC-MS in recent decades, that Kloha and Okamoto are on the wrong path.  Prof. Kloha is well aware of these warnings, and yet is laughing in the face of them.  One of the better testimonies came from Prof. Eugene Klug, (see previous post) who more than once warned his LC-MS against the errors of Hermann Sasse.  In 1967, he judged against Sasse's writing "Luther and the Word of God" (published for the 450th anniversary for the Reformation) saying (see page 410, footnote 197):
"How come?"– why a book (of Sasse) sponsored by The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod is tilted in critical judgment of past theological giants of the church. (Springfielder, vol 31, 1967/1968, pg 45)
And in 1985 (30 years ago) in the same Concordia Journal, the journal that is publishing Okamoto (see Part 1), a major essay by Prof. Klug was published.  I am presenting this entire essay below., even though it is lengthy, for it clearly is a slap in the face of today's LC-MS.  Although I do not quite agree with all of Klug's praise of Hermann Sasse, yet the thrust of this essay to uphold the inerrancy/infallibility of Holy Scripture is a wonderful boost for the Christian faith:
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      The dear Klug said a mouthful in this essay!  He did not shrink back from the charge of "Fundamentalism" by Hermann Sasse against the old Missouri Synod (Pieper, Engelder, etc).  This same charge is echoed by so many in today's LC-MS, but their charge falls on Prof. Eugene Klug... and Walther, the father of the Missouri Synod.

      Another encouraging part of this essay is that there were faithful Lutherans in East Germany, in Leipzig, behind the so-called "Iron Curtain" before it came down.  Dr. Gottfried Wachler is given honorable mention and his article is available to view and read -- see footnote # 5 in the essay above, or here.  –  Imagine that!... faithful Lutherans behind the "Iron Curtain", while in St. Louis today they call the Bible a "plastic text".  I think I would rather have lived with those Lutherans behind the Iron Curtain than with those faith-destroyers in St. Louis!
The most perilous tribulation is when there is no tribulation.  –  Martin Luther
In the next post, I will continue my translation of Hermann Fick's Martyrs, Part 23.

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