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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Martyrs 22j: Diaz murder- & today's LC-MS; 2017 St. Louis parade: Part 1

This continues from the previous Part 22i, the series of posts on the Spanish Lutheran martyr Juan Diaz.  But Diaz lives and the history of his martyrdom provides a picture that fits the teachers in today's LC-MS.  Alfonso Diaz (Juan's papist brother) and his assassin accomplice were shown in Rabus' graphic depicting Juan's martyrdom.  The Roman Pope at the Council of Trent blessed this assassination of the Lutheran martyr.  – Now see the spiritual equivalent in today's LC-MS:
Pope Francis
My "confessional Lutheran" sons!
Bless you!
Prof. Jeffrey Kloha
Concordia Sem.:

The Bible is a
"plastic text"
Prof. Joel Okamoto – Chair, Systematic Theology, Concordia Sem.:
We recall Sasse once more... “What does the church look like 
that believes in the doctrine of justification of grace through faith?”
Article IV: Justification: 
Undoubtedly [?] sin and forgiveness are essential features
 of the Christian’s life and central concerns for the Christian Church. 
But the topic of “justification” is much broader.... 
no one needs to be taught about justification.
Concordia Journal Winter 2015, pg 46-47
I.e. receiving forgiveness of sins and righteousness before God
out of grace for Christ's sake through faith is MUCH too narrow
for today's LC-MS!

The Evangelical Lutheran Church
The Lutheran Confessions
with a hatchet buried to the hilt into the head (the Lutheran Doctrine of Justification), of the Ev. Lutheran Church by Profs. Kloha and Okamoto.

But I have news for today’s LC-MS, the "What Sasse Says" synod that continually teaches a mixed theology or even directly attacks the Lutheran Church's core teaching of Justification:

The Lutheran Church is not dead!
… neither is the faith of Juan Diaz.

Although Prof. Okamoto says "no one needs to be taught about justification", he is wrong... I do.  And you dear reader, if you be a Christian, will also.  And so since Okamoto will not teach it as the Confessions do (as the chief article), I will continue to teach myself from the Bible (i.e. Kloha's "plastic text") on what God hath said... and also from the Confessions, also from those 3 in my masthead:

Luther, Walther and Pieper.

A Proposed 500th Anniversary Reformation Parade for St. Louis
I propose that the City of St. Louis have a parade commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation on Reformation Day, October 31, 2017.  Matthew Harrison should invite the Pope for the festivities.  The Grand Marshals should be Profs. Jeffrey Kloha and Joel Okamoto.  Kloha should throw out plastic replicas of Bibles to the crowd, Okamoto would throw out little statues of Hermann Sasse!  And Dr. Robert Kolb would provide "color commentary" for whatever media broadcast would carry the event!

Yet I must thank these LC-MS teachers for one thing – they brought me back to another one of their own.  There have been warnings from within the LC-MS in recent decades, that Kloha and Okamoto are on the wrong path.  A major warning came from Prof. Eugene Klug and I want to publish his testimony in a separate blog post – Part 2.

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