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Friday, August 22, 2014

Luther/Pieper: Unbelievers ⇒ Hell (on Jn 1:29; or, "get what he has coming to him")

     I am interrupting this series on "God's Change of Heart" (after Part 4; Table of Contents in Part 1) to emphasize its spiritual importance.
     Whoever feels embarrassed by Pieper's teaching of God's change of heart, or even calls it misleading, he therefore "renounces the scriptural thoughts of redemption, which is come in the fullness of time through Christ".  In other words, he goes to hell with such thoughts.  Or as Martin Luther puts it,
Whoever believes it, is a Christian; whoever does not, is no Christian, and will get what he has coming to him.
What do you think Luther meant when he said: "he... will get what he has coming to him"?  It is the same meaning as in Mark 16:16 – "...he that believeth not shall be damned".  May none of my readers (or me!) "renounce the scriptural thoughts of redemption"... and so go to Hell.

Now on to the next Part 5 where we will hear more from Dr. Luther (and Pieper and Mueller).

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