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Friday, September 7, 2012

Luther's Chronology of the World, Part 3 (original German)

In the previous post Part 2, (Table of Contents in Part 1 here) I presented the English translation download for Luther's Chronikon or Chronology of the World.

In this Part 3, I present the original German version, not that hardly anyone can understand it, but to use it as a reference... and maybe gain a little familiarity with the language and original publishings of Luther and the old German Missouri Synod.
Here is an image of the initial page – click on it to enlarge it:
The download for the PDF of the original St. Louis Edition version (over 100 pages) of Luther's Chronikon is here (about 5 MB - allow time to download).

Added November 1, 2012: Here is complete Weimar Ausgabe Latin version (9 MB PDF!), obtained from here and here, entitled Supputatio annorum mundi.

In the next Part 4, I will provide the text of the English translation of Luther's preface to his Chronikon.

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