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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another, a different, Lutheran pastor...

After my previous post, I received further private correspondence from the ELCA Lutheran pastor, correspondence  which would attempt to put me (and Luther, and God) in the defendant's dock at Nuremberg... charges which have already been largely addressed in my previous blog posts.  He has the whole world behind him now... but I do thank him in this regard, that I will address his condemnations of Luther even more than I did in my my blog post of August 13, 2011.

But I also received a comment to my blog post regarding the account of the Good Samaritan, this time from a different Lutheran pastor.  How refreshing this was to me... how his sermon, based on the same Bible text, caused tears of joy, that God had refreshed me as He told me through this Lutheran pastor that Jesus is the Good Samaritan.  Does this Lutheran pastor know that God indeed had sent him to comfort me?

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