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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vom Schem Hamphoras – by Martin Luther (a translation, Part 7)

    This continues from Part 6.  See Part 1 for an introduction and Table of Contents.

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Vom Schem Hamphoras
by Martin Luther

(Part 7, continued from Part 6)

     58.  Here maybe you will ask me: How did the Jews get this high wisdom that they can make of Moses' text from the holy innocent letters be divided into three verses and arithmetic or number letters out of that and also name 72 angels, and in short, the whole Schem Hamphoras put in such a way? There let me alone, but ask around of the Rabbis, they will tell you well. – Yes, I want to hear beforehand of your opinion, before I become a Jew; then afterwards I am aware that I must believe the rabbis but you have promised me the Jewish Catechism, that promise also keep.
     59.  Well I do not know exactly where they have it close to them but I could well guess.  Carved here in Wittenberg on our parish church is a sow in stone, also young piglets with Jews among them who suckle; behind the sow stands a Rabbi who raises the right of the sow leg up, and with his left hand he pulls the tail over himself, stooping forward and looking with great diligence under the tail inside the sow in the Talmud, as he wants to read and see something incisive and peculiar; here they certainly have their Schem Hamphoras.  For there were many Jews from ancient times in these lands that show the names of towns, villages, and farmers and citizens that are in Hebrew, even to this day, that such a learned and honest man who is an enemy of the scurrilous lies of the Jews has torn down such a picture. For thus the Germans talk of one who claims great wisdom without reason: Where did he read it?  In the butt of the sow (roughly expressed).
     60.  Hereto men would easily remove the word Schem Hamphoras and make it Peres schama, or, as they could boldly master it and make Scham HaPeres, since it sounds similar.  Just as if a German in hearing or reading understood närren for nähren [fooling for nurture]; again, he has nicely improved [gebessert] my property, yes, watered [gewässert]. So mocks the evil spirit of his unfortunate captive Jews that they can say Schem Hamphoras and believe great things and hope inside; but he thinks Scham Haperes, which means "filth here," not that filth lying in the street, but what comes from the belly.  "Scham" means "here or there," "Peres" means what is in the intestines of the sow and all animals, as in the third book of Moses (Leviticus 8:17) is required as he commanded, to burn the sin offering with skin and hair, and with its Peres – its dung etc.
     61.  For the devil has possessed and imprisoned the Jews, that it must be his will (as St. Paul speaks) to fool, to lie, slander, also curse God and all that is of God. But he gets them to pay for his ridiculous Scham Hapere, and helps them believe that this and all their lies and foolish work is an exquisite thing.  Over such a horrible prison they do not cry and complain, they also do not desire with the slightest sigh to come out of it, but are happy to stay imprisoned especially for its great freedom, and also want us Christians to have a look inside.  But they do cry over the Roman prison since they are not imprisoned by us, but we are caught by them in our land, money and goods; for theirs is too good and go right around us, as the devil deals with them, so they mock us to our detriment, as the devil mocks them to their eternal damnation.
     62.  This is graspable but, as the dealings of great Jewish foolishness, they let stand the previous text where God commanded Moses and promised that he should divide the sea with his staff and lead the children of Israel through, etc. Yes, this is the true chief text and observe how in it God promised and commanded, and it should happen thus. But the senseless Jews ask nothing hereafter and accept the story in front of them, and want it like the monkeys by imitating with mere letters that God has done in those days through his word and commandment; they make no distinction between God's power and Word, and their frivolous, unreasonable foolishness.
     63.  Also as they say, whoever knows the strength and virtue of the 72 angels, can force them through Scham Haperes to prove their strength.  In the first place, where they but speak truly that anyone who knows of such power of the 72 angels, they can certainly do all miracles; as the same is certainly true, whoever has a donkey that ejects gold, may well have guilders: but where is such a donkey? In the land of the cuckoo. Also these 72 angels of the Jews are nowhere in the land of the cuckoo, are never created, never will be created, so they say truly that whoever knows the power of these angels also can do miracles as much and when he wants.  We will also see that they by such angelic strength will force their Messiah God without his thanks, and win Jerusalem; how can it fail?
     64.  On the other hand, we see how much the frenzied, senseless fools wanted to charm the angels and force them with individual mere letters, and put themselves over God so that the angels would have to do what they want. They are the saints of all saints who all worship one God alone. For worshiping a God, they name with the mouth a God, and with kneeling or bowing show themselves as against God, but also with the heart mere letters, that is many thousands of lies and devil worship; since on what a heart counts and trusts, that is his God: as we Christians, the great damned Goyim, say that when the mouth is quiet and the knees will not bend, yet still because the heart is bowed without ceasing, that is its confidence, comfort and trust that rests on the only God, so it unceasingly right and fine the only God is worshiped.
     65.  But this is sheer folly in these circumcised saints who can sometimes name with the mouth one God (that's enough), however make letters into angels and gods as much as they want, on what they do not trust alone (that we great goyim call worship), but also charm what they want. Should not a Goy want to become a Jew, because there is found such great power that one can make gods and angels do our bidding, so we accursed Goyim can think nothing more than that the only God has made all of us, and that the angels govern us, we do not govern them. Summarizing, a Jew is stuck as full of idolatry and witchcraft as nine cows have hair, that is, countless and infinite, like the devil, their God, is full of lies.
     66.  If only they needed such foolishness with letters as one teaches children in school to know the letters, that they must say the ABCs forwards and backwards, move the letters such and such so that they learn to make syllables, and practice reading, or make pictures and figures with the letters, as some boys are skilled and could do in past times; thus it would be suffered as a funny child's play, as one could do such with Hebrew letters better than can be done with other letters; but assign power to the bare, individual, poor letters, and such power that is able to do miracles, also by the godless and enemies of God, that is not only "Fie at you" [or "fooey on you"] and Scham Haperes, but the annoying, blasphemous devil himself with all his malice out of hell.  For with this way the Jews pray to the devil so much, yes, so many thousands of devils, as many as they fabricate their angels in Sham Haperes (as I said above). For they build on this and believe it for the truth, but that is pure lies. This is called idolatry by the prophets, confidere in mendacio, trust in lies, where honor belongs to God alone.

     67.  Now see what fine saints the Jews are; they condemn us damned Goyim that we worship more than one God, but they, the blessed fruit of noble blood and circumcised saints, worship only the single God.  This is true if the 72 fictitious angels, that is 72,000 devils, is a certain God, then they pray assuredly to one God. There see what you've been for a great new wonder-working saint, if you have denied Christ, and have been a Jew. Because you can make through Scham Haperes that all the devils are a number of God, which God cannot know. So think and be grateful to the rabbis for their almighty filth, Scham Haperes I wanted to say. Yes, so it goes if one does not hear God's Word, but without ceasing wants to blaspheme, then one must hear and worship all devils as our Lord Christ says, John 5: 43: "I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him you will receive."
     68.  Also if only their foolishness and fools play could be bad lies, like the floor comedians or jugglers lie, and professed that it would not be true miraculous signs that are done by the Schem Haperes: thus one could still hope that they would become tired of the fool's play and stand away from it. Now however, they hang on it the annoying bad error and trust on it, as on the truth of God, make of it a worship and idolatry, do not want to consider as false the miraculous signs that happen through Schem Hamphoras; and there should be serious, and right divine power work within, as above in the text says that Jesus, the godless one, had raised a dead man before the servants of Queen Helena, as their ancestors knew also that JEsus truly cast out the devil which was no trickery but done in the name of Beelzebub (Luke 11:15).  For their Schem Hamphoras is for anything and everything the capable, upright way.
     69.  Finally, it is a great blasphemy that they give such divine power in the Schem Hamphoras to do miraculous signs, that even the godless such as Judas Iscariot and the seducer (as they blaspheme) Jesus the Nazarene portray and teach knowingly. This part moves also LyraBurgensis and many others, without them being therefore violently angry enough.  I do not know how to talk or write thereof.  I say that the Jews are in this mad, blind, insane (like Moses tells them), and full of devils, so it is all too little said about those who want to worship the one God, and must spew such slander, also have a right to teach.  Whoever can, understand who is able what would be said that the divine, everlasting majesty, our dear creator, lauded and praised in eternity, should be scolded by these damned young devils, that he by his wonderworks which he alone does and can act, Psalm 72:18, is a witness, confirmer, overseer of all the lies, deception, error, idolatry, blasphemy, and all the abominations which they apply to our Lord Jesus Christ; or cannot and would not defend himself against a false prophet Scham Haperes.
     70.  I cannot otherwise understand such, because herewith they even make God the devil, yes, to be the servant of all devils who helps all evil what the devil wants, help to strengthen and accomplish the devil's desire and love to entice poor souls, to violate himself with his own miraculous works, and raves against himself, in short, he becomes worse than all the Jews, indeed, than all devils. Oh my God, my dear Creator and Father, you will mercifully hold me well that I (even reluctantly) of your divine eternal Majesty so shamefully must speak against your cursed enemies, devils and Jews. You know that I do it out of ardor for my faith and honor for thy Divine Majesty, because it goes through my body and soul. 
     71.  But your judgment is right, justus es, Domine.  Yes, so should the Jews and no one else be punished, that despised thy Word and miracles for so long without ceasing, mocked, reviled and have condemned, that they do not fall like other children of men, heathens and whoever is in sin and death, not fall above in hell, not fall even in the midst of hell, but fall into the abyss of hell, since one cannot fall deeper.  Since this is also their sin which cannot be worse, because they despise you, the just everlasting God, not only with disobedience and sacrilege of your Word, but they want to make you into the devil and servant among all devils that you with your marvelous divine strength should be a witness and serve the devil in his lies, sacrileges, murder, and whatever more of devil's work there is; just, just are thy judgments, heavenly Father, that they would blaspheme, of that they get enough.
     72.  Moses writes in Deuteronomy 18:20 ff. that God would not let happen miracles or signs on the word of a false prophet, and says: "When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken." But these devils say that Jesus HaNozri [of Nazareth] is a seducer and a false prophet; nonetheless truly miraculous signs, as the dead resurrected, the lame walk, lepers made well (which none but God can do) happened by such a seducer.  It would not be a wonder that we Christians, who permit such God accursed, open slanderers to live with us, would have long ago been sunk by hellfire into the abyss of hell with the Jews by God's wrath, except that it helped us that we did not know of it and are therefore innocent of their abominable deeds. But from now on, better watch dear princes and lords, who protect and tolerate Jews among you, for I want to be excused for what you do. Here it is not only Christ who is our Lord, and the father in Christ, but God, the Father himself in himself, that is in his divine majesty vilified even more than Christ, having been made not only into the devil but also made a servant of the devil and all devils. Scream now more, Jew, scream now: Crucify him, his blood be on us and our children; it is happening what you wanted.
     73.  There has been said enough on this and a Christian's heart and ears probably must want with pleasure that they hear nothing of it anymore, or have to think on it, because it is too gruesome, awful and immodest.

.... (to be continued in Part 8)
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Today's LC-MS, which condemns Luther, should listen to the prayer of Luther in paragraph 70.  Luther prays to God that He would keep him even as he shamefully speaks against the accursed Jews.  And so Luther must be kept from today's LC-MS! 


  1. Thank you so much for translating the SCHEM HAMPHORUS. I never learned about this in LCMS schools or from the pulpit nor heard anything about the YHWH Yahweh entity except briefly on TBN. I AM SHOCKED our church is giving Luther the finger when HE'S THE ONE WHO IS SOLA SCRIPTURE! Part 7 made me laugh. Well, the way Luther expresses himself, it's hilarious BUT SAD THE JEWS ARE SO MISLED. Luther gave the Jewish family a spanking to get their attention. I put all of this on Twitter. Again, thank you for this work.

  2. Yes, I too had to laugh at Luther's sarcasm... but note well, this is s p i r i t u a l sarcasm. In today's world, the Jews and Muslims fight each other, but this is the devil's mask, for in reality they have the very same religion – salvation by works, not grace.

    Your reaction to Luther is good – even your choice of strong words against your church; but also note well Luther's response to the young students after Luther burnt the papal bull on December 10, 1520, after they carried on the rest of the day with stunts to make fun of Rome. However, Luther was not amused the next morning. Rather than chastise them for the stunts, he spoke most earnestly of the gravity of the situation. You can now read Luther's words to the students in my blog post of Thursday, July 5, 2012 (Part 8b - Justification - Darby Situation). Luther's counsel not only applies to the fight against the papacy but now also against sympathy for the Jewish religion. You are a testimony to this.

    You are wrong in one point though... Luther did not write this to "spank" the Jewish family – he wrote it for Christians... for you, to warn us against sympathizing with Jews and thereby doubting our New Testament. Now show your church that you are a true Lutheran... carry a Bible with you to church... have it open to the passages that are being used. Your peers will be shocked at you, maybe even embarrassed about you. (I know this firsthand.) But you will show them and those conservative Baptists and other Reformed that carry their Bibles with them that it is the L u t h e r a n church that is the true Bible church... it is the L u t h e r a n church that b e l i e v e s the Bible without reservation. It is the L u t h e r a n church that is the o n l y Protestant church. Now go and be a Luther Lutheran – believe God's Word. VDMA.


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