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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vom Schem Hamphoras – by Martin Luther (a translation, Part 6)

    This continues from Part 5.  See Part 1 for an introduction and Table of Contents.

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Vom Schem Hamphoras
by Martin Luther

(Part 6, continued from Part 5)
     42.  Here I suppose it would be the time to treat the reader's desire to know but what is the Jewish Schem Hamphoras.   I know though, as just said, and am certain that it is nothing other than mere, single, poor letters. But to expose their folly and wickedness of the devil, I will show here as much as I can of it: whoever has not done so, can read Antonium Margaritam [Antonius Margaritha]. In Exodus 14:19-21 is a text that reads:
     43.  "And the angel of God, which went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them; and the pillar of the cloud went from before their face, and stood behind them: And it came between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel; and it was a cloud and darkness to them, but it gave light by night to these: so that the one came not near the other all the night. And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided."
     44.  This text in Hebrew has 216 letters which they divide into three lines, or verses, each verse gets seventy-two letters. You could well make six verses out of them but the rabbis do not want to have it so. Here realize now the high art of Schem Hamphoras.  If you write the three lines in each other that just one letter is under the other, then do this: Take the foremost letter in the first line, and the farthest in the next line, and the foremost in the third line and put them together so that you have a word from three letters; in such a way do this with all the letters in the three rows and lines, so you can find seventy-two words that have three letters each.

     45.  They can do it well in the Hebrew alphabet because all letters are figures or number letters; since they count with letters like the Greeks. However, we do not have any more then seven number letters, C. D. I. L. M. V. X. However, I want to try a rough example to show my Germans, and put three lines of twelve letters that the text is this:
L V C I M I L X D I C V 
L V X L I C V M D V M I 
     46.  Here I'll take the letter L in front of the first row, and the farthest I in the next the row, and the foremost I in the third row, so is the word LII. Do the same with the next letters too, so afterwards the word VMV; and again with the third letter, then so the word is CVD. Do with the fourth letter also, so you have the word IDI and thus from now on; the Jews do this with the three verses of Moses, and seventy-two words come out of it, each one with three letters. These three letter words, made with such art, mean nothing and should mean nothing, as you see here an example that the four words LII, VMV, CVD, IDI mean nothing to us Germans. However, the text of Moses is for itself in its natural interpretation as it is read.
     47.  I would have made my example clearer with pleasure, but the number letters cannot give it so purely, but you help him with a little thought, because it should be said so much:
Luci milks the cow,
Luxli come to me,
Jew you chew the bran.
     48.  But because k. a. e. n. etc. are not numerical letters, I have left them out, or otherwise talk such evil Wendish or Danish German.
     49.  Now you ask: what is then to be done with the 72 3-letter words from the text of Moses? There one hears the other great piece of art. They should be Ziphra or number letters, not with reading letters; not grammatically as one reads them at school, but arithmetically as one reads them in the school of computing. As in my example one must not read LII like at school, but as in the bank or arithmetic room, there one reads not LII, but fifty-two [52]. The other word reads one not VMV, but a thousand and ten [1010]. One reads the third word not CVD, but 600 and five. One reads the fourth word not IDI, but 500 and two [502], and thus from now on. So all letters must become in the text arithmetic, because grammatically they do not serve for the Schem Hamphoras.
     50.  Next, thirdly you have to learn that such 72 3-letter words from the text of Moses are made 72 names of ​​angels (as I would almost let slip the word devil), the same as when I have in my example the four words, LII, VMV CVD, IDI, four angels that are so called, that is arithmetically fifty-two [52] , the other one thousand and ten [1010], the third six hundred and five [605], the fourth five hundred and two [502]. So there the seventy-two angels are also known as numerical names, one named seventeen, the other twenty-two; again seventy-nine and so forth.
     51.  Now what should one understand of the arithmetic names of seventy-two angels? Clearing your throat, here it wants to be, here we come to the right main piece. You have now heard that the entire text of Moses, Exodus 14: 19-21, has become futile arithmetic or number letters, having been put into three times seventy-two names of angels. Now you must learn that the mathematical arithmetic selfsame letters or turn grammatically read letters but nonetheless remain arithmetic, namely thus: is the first angel LII arithmetic fifty-two. Now you must go and look around a different word or two, which also mean fifty-two, but also that it calls God, or says something of God's power or works.  As, that I follow my copy: "God's love is done." Here you can hear an understandable question, do it for the love of God and you can do all things, and all the letters are grammatically or read letters; still you can find inside the angel's name LII numerals, that is an L and the two I's are fifty-two. Such examples you may look for yourself more as: "God helps fine," "God gives salvation", etc. There you can hear an understandable speech after the Grammatica or read letters, and nevertheless have at the same time inside the arithmetic or number letters LII which give the name of the first angel. So you have to do with the other names of the seventy-two angels, that is, with the entire text of Moses, Exodus 14, which is divided into these seventy-two names of angels, as you have heard above.
     52.  Now here you see, how God's name, or what one speaks of his activities, is mixed with in the 72 angels' names. And so a name is composed or laid out through the whole text of Moses, that is, by all 72 angels' names, that is Schem Hamphoras, the name constituted. Such foolishness is easily done in Hebrew, where all letters can be used arithmetically, and so with LII, that is 52, can give one and another words, of which we are not capable in our ABCs, where we have few arithmetic letters, only seven - C D I L M V X. Therefore whether I can well write LII also with these letters xxxxxii, or, xl and xij,  but I cannot make grammatical words or speech out of it, as they have done in Hebrew. For x is, especially for us Germans, a letter that could be done away with in the German language.  That is why we have to go in this speech: "God's love is done" borrow also more grammatical letters, so that the angel LII name, the 52, can be written arithmetically and, nevertheless, also grammatically.
     53.  Whether you here wanted to be convinced, one could well make a way of it also by a different number out of the letters, both in Hebrew and Latin or German, namely so: "Satan will help fine," "Satan gives salvation". There the LII is also the name of the first angel, which is fifty-two; or so: "Hans helps fine", etc. Here Schem Hamphoras would be the name understood for also the devil and people and anything I wanted. But dear Goy, you heard above that you must believe and do what the rabbis say and want; and if not, the brazen dogs of Jerusalem would come and bark you to death, and what is more dangerous, the cabbage stalk in the sanctuary with the 100 pounds of seed would fall on you and beat you to death.
     54.  Finally, so that the Schem Hamphoras becomes quite perfect, they add the benediction or prayer and lay to each name of the 72 angels a verse from the Psalms that there becomes 72 verses. With this high devotion, (there have) they are so careful that in any verse there stands the great name of God Jehovah, called Tetragrammaton; however you should not call the letters that, but for it speak Adonai; since he is inexpressible, more on this later [see paragraph 74]. Now you have the Schem Hamphoras full and complete, now are you not only a circumcised, true Jew, but now you can do all kinds of miraculous signs, like the seducer Jesus the Nazarene thereby had done. Now swiftly run to Jerusalem, and through the Schem Hamphoras command the brass dogs that they generate a hundred thousand young brass dogs, because any can bark 10 times louder than the two old ones, so that they bark the damned Gojim all over the world deaf, blind, brainless, and straight to death, and so concede the world for the holy children of Israel, even before their Messiah Kochab [Simon bar Kokhba] comes.
     55.  How is it, however that they have not used for 1500 years in their misery such art and power of the Schem Hamphoras, particularly because they were destroyed by the Roman Vespasian (then it was time to do miracles), and afterwards, where they were killed with their Messiah Kokhba under Hadrian and were scattered?  The rabbis answer that they are not now devout enough that they are in misery and disgrace of God, and also it has been forgotten after so long a time the power of the 72 angels. But how is this possible? They are, nevertheless, forever the noble blood and circumcised saints, God's own people before all world, the favorite children of Israel who do not worship any more than one God. Those cannot be in disgrace (the Scripture would then be false) like the damned Goyim, who worship more than one God and hold Jesus of Nazareth for Messiah, who must be in disgrace and that Schem Hamphoras cannot help them.
     56.  Also, how could the sages have been so foolish that they have forgotten the power of the angels in the Schem Hamphoras, that are so clever that they have kept this treasure with two brazen dogs, even the same so very powerful that they have let Judas Iscariot in?  Rather it be that they may even go in when they please and like Judas Iscariot had been with all actions, as they are even now.  So the great treasure of such art must surely be even with them, inherited by them from Judas Iscariot and their ancestors, and cannot be lost.  How else could they speak and write so sure of it even now?
     57.  You cursed goyim are a particularly rough society, you will not and cannot learn anything. Have you not heard above, when a Rabbi says the right hand is left, it is left; when he says the left hand is right, then it is right? So also if here a Rabbi says that the art of Schem Hamphoras is lost, it is lost; if he says, however, they still have it, so they still have the same; if he says they are in disgrace, they are in disgrace; if he says they alone are the dear chosen people of God, so that is certain.

.... (to be continued in Part 7)
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