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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Walther to Germany: Let them build statues of Luther...

In correspondence with others, I made the following comment in 1996:
To go to Luther and ignore Walther when you are in the Missouri Synod thereby shows that one is not of the teaching of Walther which was none other than Martin Luther’s.  Until today’s LC-MS sees the teaching of Walther (i.e. Christian doctrine, especially objective justification), I am not in fellowship with them.   As Walther said somewhere about Germany: “Let them build statues of Luther, we will be content with holding to his doctrine”.  So I say this about today’s LC-MS: let them build statues or whatever, if they ignore the heart of Walther, they will lose it all!  I want Walther to speak, whether his own words, or those of Franz Pieper or George Stoeckhardt.
And so I stand with the old (German) Missouri Synod and hold to Luther's Doctrine, the teaching of the Scriptures, for my spiritual life.

Now the LC-MS makes a video of Walther.  So I say "Let them make movies of Walther, I will be content with holding to his doctrine."

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