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Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Walther movie/video by LCMS

I see the LCMS is about to release a movie/video to coincide with the 200th year anniversary of Walther's birth.  As with the Luther movie of a few years ago, it will largely give some history of the life of the man and not much his doctrine.  It may even distort some of his teaching. I see there is some excitement about the coming of this film, but it is along the lines of movie madness, the euphoria of being able to do anything like the film-making of Hollywood...  rather than learning the teachings of the man.  It was Walther's prayer that the Missouri Synod would not depart one bit from the Scriptures... but sadly today's LC-MS has long ago departed from the purity of teaching of it's fathers.
I noticed one of the historians for this movie is Dr. Thomas Manteufel, a professor emeritus of Concordia Seminary.  In 1997 or 1998, Manteufel was called on by a pastor to respond to a controversy regarding Walther's teaching of Universal, Objective Justification.  Since this doctrine is the heart of Christianity, I wrote to him to ask him if he really believed it since his synod does not actively teach it (the true Gospel).  Although he responded in the affirmative, I have to inform him of the dilemma he is in as a member of the LCMS.  Here is my final word to him:
You remain in a synod that tolerates doubt on this doctrine.  How so?  By the discounting of this doctrine in dealings with other church bodies- unionism.  What would Luther say?  “Monstrous!” - monstrom incertitudinis.
 So much for the LCMS attempt to honor Walther. In your face today's LC-MS --> 
"Walther, the American Luther!"

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