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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Lindemann, Astronomical Debate– "eminent professor", in English; Copernicanism Part 11

      This continues from Part 10b, a series on Copernicanism and Geocentricity (see Intro & Contents in Part 1) in response to a letter from a young person ("Josh") who asked if I believed Geocentricity ... and did not ridicule me in his question.
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J. C. W. Lindemann
"eminent professor"
      In my last post, we heard Andrew Dickson White call J.C.W. Lindemann an "eminent professor".  The publicity that Cornell University's president gave to the old (German) Missouri Synod and it's professor J.C.W. Lindemann calls for a publication of the full English translation of Lindemann's pamphlet...  the one that its president, C.F.W. Walther, highly praised.   Hmmm... quite a different president than that of Cornell University!  I wonder why White did not mention Walther's name?  Too bad.
      When I first posted Walther's comments on this essay, I was much more interested in Walther than Lindemann.  Why?  Because it was Walther who had to watch out for the weaknesses in his brethren and I had wondered about potential weaknesses in Lindemann in other matters of Christian doctrine.  So I did not attempt to translate Lindemann's original German language pamphlet.  But then I subsequently privately received from a Lutheran pastor an English translation that had been done by a member of his congregation, and I am pleased to present it here.

Astronomische Unterredung
(Astronomical Conversation)
      As I read again this essay, I was struck with Lindemann's strength against the onslaught of Copernicanism in his world, just like our world.  And he had a general knowledge of the history of astronomy, indeed he calls himself an "admirer of Astronomy".  He was the president of the Teacher's Seminary in Addison whose graduates would be suited for general teaching duties, including science.  The students were not intended for the ministry.
      This pamphlet is quite readable for the lay person in science and astronomy... and it is an interesting read in the history of science in the "early modern period" and later.

      Since it is not available in Google Books, a scanned copy of the original German pamphlet (PDF file) is available here.

     The original German text is available to view here.

And now I present the full English translation of this 20 page pamphlet... with thanks to the Lutheran pastor who provided it.  You will note his translation calls it a "Debate" whereas all my translation sources call it a "Conversation". (I will provide a direct link later)

I want to repeat Walther's final comment on Lindemann's pamphlet:
Whoever wants to be enlightened in the points of the newer solar system should read this pamphlet and he will find full satisfaction.
      There is a subsequent sad situation that developed in Lindemann's own family on the teaching of Copernicanism.  This was reported by the Missouri pastor who carried the defense against Copernicanism into the 20th Century, Pastor F.E. Pasche.  But I will cover that in a later blog post.
      In the next Part 12, I present the position of not only the old (German) Missouri Synod, but also the Synodical Conference... in 1886.

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