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Friday, January 29, 2016

Response to comments on Geocentricity

My last blog post elicited 2 comments for which I am responding below.
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To “Carl Vehse”:

I knew that you would want to comment on this subject… I have known that you proclaim me as a “Geocentrist”.  And I have seen your comments elsewhere that flatly deny Geocentricity with scientific (and other) arguments.  I had planned to forewarn readers that I will not publish comments from those who deny Geocentricity.  But I was remiss in getting this warning stated in my first blog post, so I have published your 2 initial comments on my previous post – without commenting on them there.

But let all who would want to deny Geocentricity know that it was first an ELCA “Lutheran” pastor who first responded to me … in private… not by a public comment, but private email.  And it ended with several uninvited private messages invoking NASA and casting slurs such as “Franzie baby” at me.  I take particular pride in his invectives, just as Pieper took pride in being described as in “theological diapers”.  There is NO doubt that anyone today who would believe that Joshua’s Long Day actually physically happened as described in the Bible will receive the same ridicule.
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But this series is not intended as primarily a response to “Carl Vehse” or the ELCA pastor, but rather another person, which will become clearer later.  And so it will not be interrupted by negative comments.

So let me repeat:
All further comments which deny Geocentricity will not be published on this blog and they will not be read by me.  Other comments may be considered.

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