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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Our thoroughly modern world… loathes Luther (so many scholars!)

      Continuing my project of presenting the full text of Franz Pieper's original Christliche Dogmatik.... (Vol. 1a fully proofed, proofing Vol 1b...)
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      In Pieper's section presenting and defending the doctrine of the Trinity, he quotes Luther's strong defense of the Christian teaching of the Trinity against false teachers (page 512 German edition, page 421 of English edition).  And it is striking how vehement Luther and Pieper are in their defenses.  Luther:
"We see that in these last times the devil switches his tail, as though he would incite to all manner of new heresies."
And Pieper appends his footnote #1335 to this:
"In our day the devil is doing more than only 'switch his tail'.  As one said at the time of the Arian struggle: 'The world has become Arian", so one can say about our time that by modern theology the so-called Protestant world has become Unitarian."
Even today's LC-MS is marginally included in this -- see this Unitarian's pronouncement on it.   Dear God!... if the Protestant world was essentially Unitarian in Pieper's day (~ 100 years ago), then how much more thoroughly has modern theology "advanced" our world today!

And so the words of the Lutheran martyr that I published 1 year ago have rung in my ears... ever since I published Peter Spengler's words from the Reformation century:
"Oh who yet could have thought that so many scholars, admirable people for so many years had erred from the purpose of the true doctrine and had put in so many terrible mistakes?  Indeed, who yet would have supposed that the Holy Scriptures would have been darkened and defiled through man’s trinkets, that by so few people the righteous way would have been understood?"
By so few people would the righteous way be understood today!  What "few people"?  See my masthead...

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