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Monday, May 11, 2015

Walther's sermon book Year of Grace Part 2 (Gnadenjahr)

     This continues from Part 1 and presents Part 2 of Pastor Donald E. Heck's translation Year of Grace from the book of Walther's sermons Gnadenjahr.  —  Below is Heck's Part 2.

For those that want a copy of the original publication, here are the download links:
  1. Part I  (12 MB PDF w/ searchable text)
  2. Part II  (8 MB PDF w/ searchable text)
Hmmm... Now what about Walther's Amerikanisch-lutherische Epistel Postille, and his Light of Life (or Licht des Lebens) sermon books?  Who will be the first to get these out to the public in the English language to help their Christian faith? (You can still purchase his Standard Epistles from CTS-FW bookstore for ~ $41 - give them a phone call.)
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In the next Part 3, I want to highlight a few quotes and search terms of interest that I noted as I went through Walther's sermons.


  1. Thanks so much for posting these translations.

    1. Anonymous:
      Although you did not say, I wonder that you have read some of these sermons and found them to be thoroughly Christian. I am still basking in the wonderful teaching and admonishment they bring for my faith. -- Isn't it amazing that this Year of Grace translation has been largely unavailable for nearly 1/2 of century?... until now...


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