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Thursday, July 17, 2014

LDJ Essay - Full text with linked Endnotes

I am below publishing the entire LDJ essay in an embedded window so that it is no longer piecemeal as in the previous series of blog posts.  I have added more hyperlinks to this full version:
1) Major headings cross hyperlinked
2) Sub-headings (e.g. § 1) – added hyperlinks at beginning of document
3) Links to original "Parts" (e.g. Part 22) from the former series of blog posts
 to the major headings and this way of publishing will make reading the entire essay much easier – cross-hyperlinks to the Endnotes and major section headings will be much easier to navigate.  The disadvantage of viewing the essay apart from the previous series of blog posts is that Bible verses are not automatically linked to Logos RefTagger KJV.  Also, all hyperlinks need to be right-clicked and "opened in a new window", at least in my Chrome browser.

If the reader prefers, a direct link to this document in Google Docs is==>> here <<==.  This enables smoother back-and-forth operation of internal hyperlinks to the Endnotes, headings, sub-headings and original "Parts" from blog series.

As before, the underlining follows Walther's emphasis in original.  Hypertext links have been copiously added for reference to original sources and on several subjects.  Highlighting is mine and has not been removed.

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