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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Berthold von Schenk – confusion, Part 9

This continues from Part 8 (10 part series, Table of Contents on Part 1) presenting quotes from the autobiography Lively Stones of Pastor Berthold von Schenk. In Part 9 of this series, I continue from page 141 onward.

In this series, I use the following notations:
  • highlight the questionable portions in yellow
  • the portions with some merit in green
  • and my comments in red text
------   Quotes from Lively Stones by Berthold von Schenk, comments by BackToLuther   ------
Pg 141:  It has been taught that a person is unworthy if he does not believe that the bread is the true Body of Christ and the wine the true Blood. This is not what St. Paul said. Luther answered the question as to who is worthy at the celebration when he stated, "Those who have faith in these words, 'Given and shed for you for the remission of sins."'
Von Schenk quotes Luther against himself!... we are not supposed to believe Scripture when it says "This is My Body, This is My Blood"... what a travesty von Schenk makes of his "sacramental theology"!  Von Schenk's theology isn't truly sacramental, but sacrilegious.  How can a poor Christian believe "for the remission of sins" if he isn't supposed to believe the words "This is my Body", and "This is my Blood"?  It's OK with von Schenk to not believe Scripture just as long as congregations "celebrate" Holy Communion at every service!
Pg 142:  Is hell a reality or a myth to scare men to heaven?
There seems to be no hell for von Schenk.  I suppose this is to be expected from one who curses those who hold the Bible to be infallible.  Could von Schenk's error be his attempt to create his own gospel, instead of God's Gospel? I suppose I could call von Schenk heretical but he slips away posing this thought only as a question.
Luther did not improve on this [doctrine of transubstantiation] by his statement of the Real Presence as "in, with, and under."
Then why didn't von Schenk leave the Lutheran Church?
Pg 142:  How my appreciation of Christ, the Church, and the Bible has grown because I did as Jesus instructed, "Do this."
But Jesus said "It is finished".  I guess it wasn't finished for von Schenk because he 'did as Jesus instructed, "Do this"'.  Yup, von Schenk, you did a lot in this world... to confuse Christianity in your modern LC-MS.
Pg 143:
Footnote 251 by editors Fry & Kurz:  Excerpts of the lecture presented by Berthold von Schenk at the Catholic-­Protestant Colloquy held at St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota, December 1-3, 1960
 Factors That Unite Us: Protestant
There should be at least one cardinal point upon which agreement is readily apparent: the Reformation was unfortunate, unneces­sary, and had negative results for both sides.
This Colloquy was a prelude leading up to Vatican II.  Von Schenk was in good company with Jaroslav Pelikan. Thank you, von Schenk for providing your own condemnation which so clearly shows you (nor Pelikan) represented the true Lutheran Church – your "Reformation" was indeed "unfortunate, unnecessary, and had negative results for both sides".

But BackToLuther, you said before that there was something worse, a "rock bottom" point in our journey down the abyss of von Schenk's theology.  That is true, I skipped over pages 93 - 94 and saved the "lowest" for last.

Now go to Part 10, the conclusion of this series.

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