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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today celebrates Franz Pieper's birthday 160 years ago

Not only did God bless America with the arrival of C.F.W. Walther from Germany, but He also doubled that blessing by sending a man to immediately follow him. Walther's great work of teaching and preaching the pure Gospel, and rightly distinguishing the Law from the Gospel, was to be lifted up as God's great work of mercy for us modern people even now to this day.

Who was that man to follow C.F.W. Walther (The American Luther) and point to his great work?  It was Franz Pieper, born June 27, 1852... 160 years ago in Germany.  And so that Walther's great work would not be forgotten, God sent Franz Pieper to America also.  Pieper lived until 1931 and tirelessly carried the true doctrine to us – to me and you – through his writings.  Franz Pieper, first before anyone else since him, should be the one we go to for pure Christian teaching, the glorious Gospel, and the Grace of God.

Franz Pieper – The 20th Century Luther!

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