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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The modern LC-MS blindness on Luther and Walther! (Dance and Theater)

See previous posts here and here concerning "Dance".
After working on translating Walther's book "Tanz and Theaterbesuch", I just discovered how blind and stubborn the modern LC-MS is.  The LC-MS wants to appear as honoring it's founding father Walther in the recent 200th anniversary celebration.  But all the while it slaps him in the face!  How so?
Ewald Plass wrote a great book in 1959 entitled "This Is Luther" implying he knew Luther well enough to pull out quotations from him and comment on them.  I gave my book review in 2 parts starting here in previous posts.  At the bottom of Part 1, I showed where Plass thought he could pull out quotes from Luther's writings that would seem to say that he approved of the element of sex attraction in dance and also secular drama or theater.
But C.F.W. Walther knew Luther far better than Ewald Plass.  Walther's book tells the full story about Luther's position on Dance and Theater... and it is different than Mr. Plass.  Ewald Plass represents the modern LC-MS and other so-called "Lutherans" who think they can make Luther say anything including approval of modern Dance and Theater. Plass represents Luther as not "prudish or puritanical" but largely omits Luther's real warnings on these activities.
No!  Walther and Luther condemned modern Dance and Theater!  How could Mr. Plass be so wrong?  Because of the blindness of unionism and indifference to doctrine, especially the Doctrine of Justification!

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