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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why should I care what Dr. Franz Pieper said?

Because he lived well into the 20th Century.  He lived during World War I and several years after.  So I wanted to hear his comments during this "modern" age because he was the "Twentieth Century Luther"!  Admittedly he did not live during World War II, but he did give numerous comments on the beginnings of the modern "state" of Israel (there was no "Israel" for over 1000 years).  He commented on doctrinal issues and controversies, American/German/world Lutheranism, black people, J.P. Morgan, the Jews and the modern state of "Israel", Africa, Methodism, the Pope, Salvation Army, China missions, Mars, Zionism, YWCA, Bach, Mohammed, dancing, Scopes trial, Copernicus, Free Masons, Communists, Boy Scouts, Ku Klux Klan, Negro people, Henry Ford and the Jews, evolution, jazz music, women public speakers, movies, sports, Quakers, etc.

These are the subjects we live with today!  And those who would ridicule his truly Christian world view should note his support of black people and opposition to the Ku Klux Klan.  And to prove his comments are truly Christian, he corrects Henry Ford's view of Christianity in Ford's writings against the "International Jew" (Lehre und Wehre, vol. 68, August/September 1922, pg 281-282).  Ford evidently called Christianity the "Anglo-Saxon religion" but Pieper corrects him by calling Christianity "faith in the gospel" to clearly show Ford's error on this point.  And so Pieper would correct virtually all anti-Jewish writers of today in their misunderstanding of Christianity... they may speak some truths in their anti-Jewish comments but they generally do not always speak for true Christian doctrine.

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